This was written as an assignment for my grade 12 religion class, which I recently re-discovered. Interesting for me to read, to see how it aligns with that which I believe now, but likely boring as hell for others. Enjoy at your own risk.

Most people my age hate waking up early every morning to go to school and spend seven hours learning about things that they don’t think they will ever need to know. Excluding the waking up early part, I am of an opposite opinion. I find education very important in my life. In fact, I believe that one of my favourite things to do is learn.

While learning seems like a rather ridiculous hobby, I very much enjoy it. There are an infinite number of things to know about our universe, and although I will never know everything, I certainly enjoy trying. I’m not really sure where my curiosity originates from, but I generally don’t waste my time questioning things like this. Instead, I spend my time learning about the world around me. I believe that education is important to further the human race in every aspect. This is why I donate to charities that help further (mainly children’s’) education in third world countries. Although I do not have the resources to help others learn in remote parts of the world, I enjoy helping them get access to the learning materials we have here in Canada. Interestingly, one aspect about school that I do not enjoy is the times when we aren’t learning something new, i.e. tests and lunch hour. It is for this reason that I come home at lunch: I sit down at a computer and read about all the new things happening in the world today. It may seem like an introverted and ridiculous thing to do, but I would much rather learn something new than socialize meaninglessly with people.