Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way you want it to.

Sometimes, you look outside, and all you see are gray skies.

Sometimes, you want time to skip a few days, or months, or years.

Sometimes, you want time to stop.

Sometimes, you have to climb walls built out of the bodies of your enemies.

Sometimes, you have to build walls out of the bodies of your friends.

Sometimes, your head longs strongest, but your heart longs longest.

Sometimes, you have to change direction in life.

Sometimes, all you do is turn back.

Sometimes, in longing for the mediocre, you turn away the best.

Sometimes, you have to make decisions that you’re afraid of.

Sometimes, you can’t help but think “what if?”, only to realize “what if” never would have happened anyway.

Sometimes, you look for love in all the places you know, but it turns out that you only know the wrong places.

But sometimes…

Sometimes, the road straightens out.

Sometimes, the skies clear and the sun rises on a new horizon.

Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the good moments, and remember the bad ones.

Sometimes, all barriers ahead of you crumble, leaving a clear path in their midst.

Sometimes, your heart and your head agree.

Sometimes, when you head back, you head home.

Sometimes, the hardest decisions make themselves, and the hardest question to answer is, “Shaken or stirred?”

Sometimes, the mediocre turns out to be best, and the best turns out to be less.

Sometimes, “what if?” isn’t nearly as good as what is.

Sometimes, love finds you - huddled up in the corner of a cold room inhabited by the lost and the lonely.

And sometimes, you get bored late at night and write some artsy shit on the internet that’s all deep and whatnot.